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This is a very simple site, all I am trying to do here is to share what I do to make my mac more usable. It involves few changes to the settings, installation of some small apps and widgets, but also some basic howtos.


This site is still in a very early stages of development, not complete and is not really usable yet, but I will be writing things here a bit at a time.


Things I install right away when I get a new mac:

  • Install StaffIt Expender
  • FolderGlance, TinkerTool, Witch, Menumeters, Adium, Growl, Erroneous, Mediafork, MagiCal, RDC Menu, Firefox, Spotlaser, SnapNDrag, VLC, Perian, Cog, Cyberduck, GMail Notifier, NuFile, Stoplight, WindowDragon
  • Finder Up-Button (a missing "Open parent folder" button for the Finder)
  • Run Apple System Update

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